Global Financial Service Provider

An Europe-based global FX trading service provider was going to expand it's service into Japanese market. On the assumption that you set up the office, in parallel they tried to "translate" web site and brochures. At the first time they ordered a translation company to make it into Japanese, however they noticed that it was not good enough as an institutional use. Then the company asked for "localization" of their tools.

In a few weeks later, Japanese sales tools was perfectly completed.

Start-up company

The company has just opened a Tokyo office in the rental office space. Having only two staffs and trying to figure out their business may succeed in Japan or not. As their Japanese was not as good as writing press release or research the local market, they used OnBoard as a part-time marcom and general affair staff.

One year later, they moved into a larger office with 20 staffs.

"Without OnBoard's professional support, we could not grow so rapidly with a minimum cost." 

Global Telecom Clinet

Our telecom client used to have their own Marcom staff, paying expensive monthly fees for one press announcement a month. With On Board now as their Marcom staff, we maintain their website, localize their marketing materials, and manage their press releases for less of a monthly fee.
"We are so happy to use On Board as our Marcom partner in Japan. They are so professional and always think and plan from our point of view, NOT like one of our side organizations."
HQ Marketing Director..

Medical Equipment client

Our medical equipment client had one representative in Tokyo researching the Japanese market. They did not have bilingual staff or public relations or marketing experience. Our client had difficulty obtaining a localized website, receiving real information, or knowing if the materials from a translation company were true to the message they wanted to convey.